Worship Guitarist 1 2nd Edition (Downloadable)

Worship Guitarist 1 (Downloadable)

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Worship Guitarist 1 2nd Edition  Song Samples 

(Downloadable) In this totally reconstructed course the student will learn the most commonly used chords and rhythm patterns for modern worship and the names of the notes in first position while at the same time learning the songs ""God is so Good," "Thou Art Worthy," "Emmanuel," "Amazing Grace," "Forever," "Blessed by Your Name," "How Great is Our God," "Jesus, Messiah," "Oh How He Loves You and Me," and "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever."

The chords the student will learn in this course are G, D, C, F, E, Em, Dm, Cm, A7, G7, B7, Am7, Bm7,Em7, F#m7sus, Gadd5, Cadd9, Emaj7, Aadd2, and Bsus.

The accompaniment patterns taught in this course are the Eighth note Rock Strum Pattern, Sixteenth note strum pattern, The Waltz Pattern, and the Forward Roll.

This course covers what is typically taught in private lessons over a 3 to 6 month period. This course also contains over 20 professionally recorded demonstration and backing tracks to practice and perform with! The entire course is taught completely "by ear." After this course the student can move on to Worship Guitarist 2.

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