Piano by Ear

Piano by Ear

Welcome to Piano by Ear! Here you will find high quality piano instruction in an all-audio format. 

When Bill Brown traveled around the southeast teaching one day "Playshop" seminars he wanted to create some recorded lessons he could make available once he left each of the colleges he taught at. The recorded Piano by Ear lessons were the perfect format. In these lessons he could demonstrate the song and then teach it by ear, describing every note and finger he used. This was a fast and easy way to learn music and it allowed him to supplement the basic Playshop curriculum from a distant. This catalog of song lessons for the piano is now over 300 songs strong and now available to the general public.

Each song taught by Piano by Ear is demonstrated and then verbally described, note-by-note, in two to four measure sections. When you learn songs this way you learn them faster AND you develop your ability to pick out other songs by ear on your own. Our lessons are available on CD and Tape as well as in a downloadable mp3 format. Choose which format you want and then start looking for the next song you want to learn.

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