Piano Courses

Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired

(level 1)

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Don’t let a sight impairment keep you or someone you know from learning to play the piano! This course teaches basic chords and rhythm patterns and the names of the notes on the piano using no written or Braille materials. Great for beginners who are blind or visually impaired.

Downloadable Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired - $35               
CD Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired- $39

Piano Course 2 for the Visually Impaired

(level 2)

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Move further into the world of piano playing while learning to Play by Ear! At last! Here is the long-awaited sequel to the world renowned Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired. Bill Brown, your teacher for this course, takes you to the next step of piano playing teaching you new keys and songs and, most importantly, the principles of playing piano by ear! In this course you will learn new scales and chords as well as new songs to play with them. You will also learn how to build these scales and chords and how they relate to one another in the process of learning songs by ear. Never before has so much quality information been available for the visually impaired in such an easy-to-use format!

CD Piano Course 2 for the Visually Impaired (Includes "My Heart Will Go On")  - $39        
Downloadable Piano Course 2 for the Visually Impaired- $35


Order both Intro to the Piano and Piano Course 2 for the Visually Impaired for one low price.

Intro and Piano Course 2 CD  - $69          Intro and Piano Course 2 Downloadable  - $65

Piano Chord Accompaniment Course

What do you do in those situations where you have to accompany a vocal or instrumental soloist? The solution to this, and other piano accompaniment challenges, are found in this easy, but very effective course. This course teaches how to play rhythm patterns for Rock/Pop, Country, Bluegrass and Waltzes. This course comes with a printable book file for visual reference but the course can be completed without the book's use. There are a lot of backing tracks to play with so this course is also a LOT OF FUN

Book and two-CD Piano Chord Accompaniment course -  $25   
Downloadable Piano Chord Accompaniment Course  - $20  

Chord Style Piano Course (includes book)

(level 1)

Used in colleges throughout the Southeast, this foundational course teaches the basics of Right Hand note reading and Left Hand chord playing with all the correct terms and theory. Chord theory, rhythm, and note reading included. If you are sight impaired get the course “Intro to the Piano for the Visually Impaired” below.

(3 CDs and 1 book) Chord Style Piano Course - $35                                     
Downloadable Chord Style Piano Course - $30

Play Piano by Ear (includes book)

Learn how to find the melody, the accompanying chords, and the basics of melody/chord relationship in this audio-driven course. If you are sight-impaired get “Piano Course 2 for the Visually Impaired” to cover the same material as this course, just without the book.

Book and two CD course - $35   
Downloadable Play Piano by Ear - $30  

Hymns by Ear (includes book)

This is similar to the course above “Play Piano by Ear” except that it uses only hymns as the source material. Even though this course contains a book it can still be completed without it because everything in the book is described on the CDs.

CD Hymns by Ear (includes book and 2 CDs)  - $29   
Downloadable Hymns by Ear  - $25