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Welcome to Bill Brown's Guitar by Ear!

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Starting on July 20, 2021 Certain Guitar by Ear titles will not be available for 90 days due to an "Exclusivity Contract" with These titles will return to the Piano by Ear catalog after that time. To see the list of song-lesson titles on the list go to Blackout List.

In the 1990's Bill Brown started recording lessons for several solos he taught in his studio to send home with his students to work on during the week. These were so successful he started recording more of them and then made them available through mail. Over the years his library of Guitar by Ear lessons has grown to over 600 song lessons and now you can have access to them as well. 

Each Guitar by Ear lesson contains a detailed "all audio" lesson of the title song which allows you to learn the song quickly and easily without the use of music, tab, or video. The more you learn songs "by ear" the faster you build up your skill to pick out other songs "by ear" on your own. Most lessons include full demonstrations of the song and backing tracks which will be noted in the lesson description.

Select the CD or Downloadable categories below to start your search. The CD's can be played on any standard music CD player. Shipping will have to be charged for these items. The downloads will come as a zip file which you will download and unzip. Once unzipped they will create folders of mp3 files which can be played on any digital device like a computer or ipad/iphone. They can also be burned to a CD. 

Our catalog, by categories, can also be found in pdf form HERE.

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