Little Star - Jim Brickman (CD)

"Little Star" by Jim Brickman (Early Intermediate Solo) CD

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Little Star (Jim Brickman) Sample   Lesson Sample  (Early Intermediate Solo) "Little Star" is a modern version of "theme and variation" layered upon a childhood tune everyone will recognize. Jim Brickman's arrangement starts with a simple version of the song and then builds on it in complexity and style creating a delightful adventure for the listener. This song is also great to learn because the student will learn several chord arpeggio variations for the left hand that are currently being used in most "neo-classical" piano arrangements. This lesson begins with a complete demonstration of the piece and then talks you through the entire arrangement, note-by-note, in two to four measure sections, describing every note and finger used to play this song. Each track breaks down the song in two to four measure sections so it is easy to navigate through the lesson track by track. 

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