There have been a lot of success stories from those who have learned to play using my “by ear” courses and lessons. On this page I would like to honor a few of those who have really stood out. If you have a “by ear” success story please send it to me.


Bill Brown

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Shaun Hopper


Shaun first started taking lessons from me in the studio as a bass guitar student. He was playing  regularly with a local band and wanted to increase his skills. While in the studio he noticed my wall display of  Guitar by Ear lessons and  asked about them. After a few minutes of discussion I sent him home with one.

Well, the rest is history. Shaun became addicted to fingerstyle playing and went through most of the Guitar by Ear fingerstyle song lessons. He next made a CD with the arrangements he learned and then started writing and recording his own fingerstyle songs. He has since hung around and played with guitar greats like Tommy Emmanuel, Buster B. Jones, Doyle Dykes, and others and is currently endorsed by Larrivee Guitars, L.R. Baggs, Fishman, and others.

His latest CD, which is available on his website, really shows off his maturity as  both a performer and arranger/writer. While on his website check his itinerary and see if he will be playing at a venue near you. Way to go Shaun!




Dale Hayes


Dale Hayes is the guitarist and songwriter for the band Garfan. Lately he has been working through the Guitar by Ear series Guitar Theory 1, 2 and 3. To hear his fine writing and playing go to the band’s myspace account at www.myspace.com/Garfanband or at their home page at www.garfan.com






The Gandy Brothers


Brandon, the banjo player, started in his teens here in the studio and has gone on to build a solid local force in new bluegrass here in the south. To find out more about these boys and here some of their music go to








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