For centuries the only way to communicate music was through written notation or one on one instruction. Because of distance and cost, notation was the primary form used - until now.

Imagine sitting down in your own practice room and learning an entire song all the way through from a professional teacher demonstrating and explaining in extreme detail every phrase of the song. Imagine doing this without any music or written notation. Just you, your instrument and your tape or CD player. Imagine doing this for a fraction of the price of just one traditional music lesson. This is what Guitar by Ear and Piano by Ear is all about.

There are over five hundred songs taught on CD and cassette tape in the Piano by Ear and Guitar by Ear libraries. And these aren't watered down "interpretations" of the songs, either. If you select Sweet Home Alabama from the Guitar by Ear library you are going to learn the actual guitar parts played on the original recording by the original artists. If you select a piano or guitar arrangement from the instrumentals section you are going to learn a professional solo that you can play in professional situations.

If you are not quite ready for that difficult of an arrangement you can try the EZ solo series which teach you easy arrangements to five songs per tape. You not only learn the notes to these songs but the chords as well. All of this is done with no written notation of any kind.

Now is the time to advance your music education beyond your current boundaries. No longer will you be held back by your ability, or inability, to read music. No longer will you be held back by the lack of a teacher who knows the songs you want to learn. No longer will you be held back by any handicap that would keep you from reading or interpreting notation. Learn what you want, when you want, in the easiest format available. Imagine You and Music!

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