Below are some comments from letters and emails we have received concerning Guitar by Ear and Piano by Ear audio teaching products.

Hi Bill,
My name is Chris Hofstader, one of the many people who make JAWS, the most popular screen reader in history. I am having an absolute blast with your piano lesson tapes. I'm still on tape one which is mostly review material for me as I had learned a lot of this many years ago but, nonetheless, I feel like I am learning a lot of new ways of viewing ancient concepts. Your teaching technique is terrific and I am proud to endorse your product.

Chris Hofstader
VP/Software Engineering
Freedom Scientific, Inc.

Dear Bill,
The guitar course is exactly what I needed. I had tried to learn guitar before from sighted instructors but it never clicked with me. Because you explain everything in detail in each lesson I was able to grasp the concepts right away. Thank you for putting out such a great course.

Josh A.

Hello Bill,
I recently ordered the King of the Road solo for guitar. This was my first order after being encouraged by my brother who has ordered from you in the past.
I want to thank you for the great instruction. I've played only chords for a number of years and always wanted to play fingerstyle solos. Although I do read music, I found it very difficult to progress with solos from books and I got discouraged very quickly.
Honestly, it suddenly feels like my ability to play guitar has taken a leap forward. Not only that, I'm now enjoying playing guitar like never before. I have King of the Road down and am now working on MASH before I order more.

Robin D. - CANADA

Hello, I have to say THANK YOU. I purchased the Bill Brown "Georgia On My Mind" yesterday and I have learned all the first verse and am half into the bridge. I was so pleased with the presentation and the results that I sat down and cried. I will be purchasing many many more of your products. Please keep up the great work.
K. Stephens, Australia

Dear Bill:
I am your student. I have to write and say thank you. You are the only one who is making music accessible to the blind musician, the beginner. We aren't all Tommy Emmanuel yet. I have the tapes on loan from the Library of Congress. I qualify because of my total blindness. Guitar is my passion. I have been learning from your lessons for about a year now. I can play four easy tunes, Danny Boy, Minuet in G, When They Ring Those Golden Bells, and, Blue Spanish Eyes. I can also play Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand and Girl From Ipanema. I am working on three new songs now. I just had to let you know. What you're doing is making a big difference to me.
Thank you, Bill. I will keep studying, practicing, playing, enjoying your lessons.

Yours truly,

T. Gibb

Hello Bill
I have seasoned guitar players brag on the songs arrangements I can play. I have to say Bill Brown arrangements are better than most guitar players can play. I may have to just let you keep doing my arrangements, because I can`t arrange them that well. I can play anything on the guitar as long as Bill Brown shows me how!

Thanks Bill.

R. Robinson - Kentucky

You can add me to your list of satisfied customers. I'm 68 years old and I've been trying to teach myself piano for years by using various methods including ones similar to yours with very little success. For little more then the price of the sheet music, I got the music and an instructor too. And, none of this 'Row, row, your boat' or 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' jazz. Its real comtempory music. Anyhow, you can count on me to be back for more.
At first, when I listened to your samples on the internet, I didn't think I could do it. But, I ordered a tape and was quite surprised at how easy it really was. The samples don't do you justice.

Don S.
Woodhaven, MI

Sir or Madam,
Along with my order I'd also like to say that I think your company is great! I recently ordered your lesson on Eruption and I was very pleased. Your approach is very unique and effective. I'm very happy to have found a pro guitarist that offers so much and cares enough to analyze any type of song that I'm interested in learning to play. Thank you for improving my guitar playing abilities!

T. Mattingly

Dear Bill,
I recently purchased a couple of tapes from "Guitar by Ear" and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful they are! I was so excited that I plowed through the intro, rhythm, ending and solo in one sitting. It is is absolutely great not to have to struggle with reading tabs and to actually hear each lick before it is shown in detail.


Hi Bill,
I just wanted to send a little note of thanks on to you for the patience and dedication you apply to your course materials. I have been making steady progress on the guitar and recently ordered some piano material, too. The similarities in the music theory applied to the two instruments is encouraging and enlightening. For example, I was able to quickly transfer the melody notes of Tennessee Waltz from your piano cassette to the guitar. Without your Guitar by Ear course, I would have been lost.

Your oldest beginner at 55! - Mitch

Thank you so much, after years of playing the guitar I can now play songs for the first time. Your lessons are the best out there.

K. Legg - Mathias, WV

Well I received your tapes on last Friday and I thought that they where very easy to follow. I found within 3 days I was able to learn how to play 6 of the songs off the 2 tapes, and play them consistently with no mistakes. I think these tapes are a great resource and would recommend them to anyone that wants to learn how to play, Especially the blind. Finding resources that are accessible to us are extremely hard.

J. Aaron

Hello Bill,
I'm the blind guy who recently purchased a copy of your piano by ear instructional tapes for the blind. Yours is the best instruction on piano I've ever tried. Your descriptions are complete, simple to understand and a heck of a lot of fun. I would never have believed that I could pick up that much information that quickly. I'm actually starting to sound as if I actually know what I'm doing at the piano... Many thanks fro your great lessons. They're absolutely terrific and I can't wait to try my luck with the guitar. I haven't had this much fun in years. -- Jay

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