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Please note - Not all Guitar by Ear lessons come with demonstration and backing tracks.

Only where it is specifically stated will the lesson include them.


The hypertexted titles will play samples from the instructional lessons if it is available.



1st Position Scales 1 C, G, D, A, Am, Em, Bm and F#m scales 2 octaves in 1st position  (level 1)   CD/Tape   Download

1st Position Scales 2 E, B, F#, F, C#m, G#m, D#m, and Dm scales 2 octaves in 1st position  (level 1)   CD/Tape   Download

1st Position Scales 3 Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gm, Cm, Fm, and Bbm scales 2 octaves in 1st position  (level 1)   CD/Tape   Download



Acoustic Delta Blues 1 (level 1)  CD/Tape   Download

                 90 minutes of Shuffles, Boogies, and Thumb Style Rhythm solos taught in step-by-step detail.

                 Designed specifically for     the Acoustic Guitar.


Acoustic Delta Blues 2 (level 2)  CD/Tape   Download

                 More Shuffles, Boogies, and Thumb Style Rhythm solos in the key of C and G.


Acoustic Delta Blues 3 (level 2)  CD/Tape   Download

                 More Thumb-Style Rhythm and Slide solos taught in step-by-step detail.

                 Open G tuning is taught and used in this lesson and the songs you will learn are "

                 “West Coast Blues,” “Cincinnati Flow Rag,” “Squashed,” and “Can’t Be Satisfied.”

                 This course is designed specifically for the Acoustic Guitar.


Acoustic Delta Blues 4 (level 2)  CD/Tape   Download 

             Learn more slide solos in open D and standard tuning.

                 The songs you will learn in this all-audio lesson are “Dust My Broom,” “Clean My Room,”

                 “Muddy's Blues"  and “F-B Blues.” This course is Designed specifically for the Acoustic Guitar.




Bar Chord Course 1 (level 1)  CD/Tape    Download

                 Majors, Minor, and Seventh chords in two hand shapes. This is the instructional tape/CD

                 to start you on your way to knowing all of your chords up and down the neck.


Bar Chord Course 2 (level 2)  CD/Tape    Download

                 Expand your knowledge of Bar Chords with this follow-up lesson to Bar Chord Course 1!

                 In this instructional lesson you will learn Major 7's, 9's, Diminishes, Augmenteds, 6 add 9's,

                 7#9's, and 7b9's. Lots of accompaniment tracks included!


Blues Guitar 1 (level 1)  CD/Tape    Download

                 Learn the basics of the Blues in this all-audio instructional course!

                 In this lesson you will learn a blues rhythm pattern in two keys, the 12 bar progression,

                 the blues pentatonic scale in 2 keys and lots of lix!


Blues Guitar 2 (level 2) CD/Tape    Download

                 Learn more of the Blues in this instructional course! In this lesson you will learn

                 power chord rhythm patterns, the theory behind the 12 bar progression,

                 moving the pentatonic scale , extending the pentatonic scale and lots MORE lix and TRAX!



The Capo and the Chromatic Scale - (level 1)   CD/Tape    Download

                 Learn where to place the capo in order to play in flatted keys using only standard chords.


Chicago Blues - (level 1)  CD/Tape    Download

                 Chicago blues are different than the Louisiana/Bayou blues and this course

                 gets you on your way to learning the subtle differences between the two.

                 There are plenty of licks and rhythm patterns as well as 7, 9, and 13 chords. All of this is taught totally "by ear!"



Essential Electric Minor & Blues Pentatonic Licks  level 2 with backing tracks CD/Tape   Download

                 If you are looking for a boat-load of standard blues and minor licks this is your lesson.

                 Clapton, Ray Vaughan, Iommi, Hendrix, etc.. are all here! Each lick is played normally and slowly

                 and then described in detail including any special techniques involved.

                 There are also backing tracks for you to jam with while you are learning these licks.



Guitar Theory 1 (level 1) CD/Tape    Download

                 This guitar by ear instructional lesson starts you on the path to higher learning with a

                 basic education in notes and scales. You will learn the names of the notes on the guitar

                 and the formula for the major scale. This is the pre-requesite for Guitar Theory 2.


Guitar Theory 2 (level 1) CD/Tape    Download

                 Further your journey into the world of scales and keys while learning HOW to build awesome

                 Neo-Classical and Jazz Leads. Great for intelligent shredding! You will learn how to play

                 all of the major scales in first position and the formula for the major, minor and seventh chords.

                 Backing tracks are included!


Guitar Theory 3 (level 1) CD/Tape    Download

                 Ultimate mind-bender into the Minor and Harmonic Minor Scales and HOW to build

                 M7, Diminished, Augmented, 11, and 13 chords!

                 Guitar theory 1 and 2 are pre-requisites. Backing Trax Included!



Lead Guitar 1 (level 1)  CD/Tape    Download

                 This instructional tape/CD teaches you the basics of lead playing around the pentatonic scale.

                 This is the bread and butter of good Country and Rock improvising.


Lead Guitar 2 (level 1)  CD/Tape    Download

                 Learn more uses for the pentatonic scale by moving into a form and 2 modes with the addition

                 of only a couple of finger moves. Learn to play smart with this Guitar by Ear lesson.


Lead Guitar 3 (level 2)  CD/Tape    Download

                 This instructional tape/CD takes you into the "modal zone" showing you how to manipulate scales

                 against chord progressions and vice-versa to achieve progressive moods in your music.




The Open G Riffs of Keith Richards - lesson sampleIntermediate level   CD/Tape   Download

Open G Tuning Chords and Scales - lesson sampleBeginner level   CD/Tape   Download



Palm Muting an essential technique - lesson sample  (level 1)   CD/Tape   Download

                 Learn the technique of palm muting for the electric and acoustic guitar including

                 The full mute, partial mute, and the bounce or percussive mute.


Polyphonic Scales - (level 2) CD/Tape    Download

                 Move up and down the neck in 2 and 3 notes chords in close and wide voicings.

                 Major and Minor are both covered in this lesson.



24 Great Licks (level 1) CD/Tape   Download

             You've heard them, now you can learn them. This lesson teaches you twenty-four of

                 the most commonly used licks for acoustic and electric guitar. Hot country, pop,

                 and southern rock and blues licks inside. They are easy to learn because they are all taught "by ear."


24 More Great Licks (level 2) CD/Tape    Download

                 Here is twenty-four hot country and rock licks for your electric guitar. Lots of bends, pull-offs,

                 and other wonder-stunts. Entire lesson is taught “by ear” so there is no music or tab to mess with.


3 Octave Scales (level 2) CD/Tape    Download

                 Learn the Major, Minor, Diminished, Pentatonic, Augmented, Chromatic and

                 Whole Tone scales for 3 octaves in this jam packed guitar instructional lesson.

                 Entire lesson is taught totally “by ear.”


Tuning the 12 String Guitar - lesson sampleLevel 1 Includes lesson and tune-up section  CD/Tape   Download

                 Is tuning the 12 string guitar still a bit of a mystery to you. This is detailed lesson on the theory of the

                 12 string guitar’s tuning followed by a walk-through of the tuning and then concluded with a tune-up section.







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